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Spray Treatment for Piles and Fissure – A Boon in Disguise

Piles and Fissure are very difficult anorectal conditions to deal with for a patient suffering from them. Despite being more common than various other forms of medical conditions, many people are quite uncomfortable talking about it. So it becomes even more difficult when you have to treat it, all by yourself. What people don't understand, however, is keeping this condition to yourself, is not going to help you in the long run. Piles and Fissure are conditions that can last long if not treated on time, and they can relapse if not taken care of appropriately, with proper medication, especially in the early stages.

Because of embarrassment, hesitation, lack of awareness, and delay in treatment, these conditions often aggravate. There comes a time when you start avoiding the food of your choice for the fear of going through the regular bowel motions, you even fear sitting and following your regular daily routines. In such circumstances, how can you imagine touching the affected area, and treating it with conventional treatments like creams/ ointments/ gels using your finger or the applicator? It can cause injury, pain, and discomfort in the affected anal region. The other problems with creams/ ointments/ gels are difficulty in reaching and applying in the affected anal area, instant use is not possible because of the cumbersome application process, and it takes time to get absorbed and provide relief.

Let's get rid of the prejudices and look for innovative, easy-to-use, effective, and trustworthy treatment options. This is the opportune moment to introduce the latest innovation in the treatment of Piles and Fissure, the spray treatment.

Spray Treatment for Piles and Fissure

Piles and Fissure

Fast Action

PiloSpray has an easy-to-use spray application, along with an effective formulation, and it also gets absorbed faster in the anal region as compared to creams/ ointments/ gels. This is why PiloSpray provides instant relief in the symptoms of Piles and Fissure like pain, pricking, burning, itching, inflammation, and bleeding.


The spray application of PiloSpray makes it possible to reach the affected area which is difficult to reach in the anal region. As there is no direct touch involved in the process, it causes no physical discomfort.

Easy to use

Easy to Use

PiloSpray is extremely accessible and easy to use. It can be carried easily and could be used as and when required. It is a touch-free spray, so there won’t be any discomfort, injury, pain, or infection.


PiloSpray bottle is easy to carry. You can fit it in a pocket, or almost every sized bag and use it at your convenience, anytime and anywhere.

Piles and Fissure

External Healing

PiloSpray has many attributes and properties. It is an anesthetic spray for Piles, it heals the Hemorrhoids and Fissure externally, with its anti-inflammatory, anti-hemorrhagic, analgesic, antipruritic, antiseptic, and wound healing properties.

Highly Recommended by Doctors

Proctologists are the expert doctors in conditions related to anorectal disorders, like Piles and Fissure. Proctologists at Healing Hands Clinic have highly recommended the use of PiloSpray for the treatment of Piles and Fissure. When specialists are vouching for the efficacy of a product, it is certainly trustworthy.

Piles and Fissure Kit

FDA Approved

PiloSpray is the first spray formulation approved by the FDA in India for the treatment of Piles and Fissure. Every medicine has to go through various testing and is finally approved by the concerned authorities for its safety and efficacy.

Clinically Proven

PiloSpray is developed scientifically and the formulation is proven clinically by experts. The scientific study for clinical efficacy and safety of PiloSpray has been conducted in collaboration with India's foremost Cellular Science Institute. Multi-center clinical trials have been conducted at Healing Hands Clinic, and the results have been published in peer-reviewed clinical research journals.

Piles and Fissure

Safe and Natural

PiloSpray is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine that consists of natural ingredients. The Ayurvedic Piles spray medicine PiloSpray is specially formulated by using herbs such as Daruhaldi, Till Oil, Kokum Oil, Kapur, Mocharas, Lodhara, and Pudina, making it a safe and effective treatment for Piles and Fissure.


There is no need to hesitate if you have Piles and Fissure. It's a medical condition at the end of the day which requires proper care and treatment. Treat your Piles and Fissure problems using a revolutionary touch-free solution PiloSpray.


In your journey from Piles to Smiles, keep your hands away, and use PiloSpray!!!

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