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Combination Treatment for Piles and Fissure

A person having combined piles and fissure treatment may experience a slew of issues due to discomforts. The unbearable symptoms like bleeding, pain, pricking, itching, inflammation and burning sensation make life very stressful. If the problem is for a short period, making lifestyle changes can take care of the symptoms. But after following the same old unhealthy lifestyle it can happen again. Recurrence of Piles and Fissures can become severe if ignored.

If left untreated, Piles and Fissure can cause severe discomfort and can become a chronic condition. It can affect the overall health of a person, and the quality of life. Timely treatment of Piles and Fissures can help in keeping a work-life balance and helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A combination treatment for Piles and Fissure when started early, can help in treating the disease.

PiloKit is a one-of-a-kind full treatment kit for Piles and Fissure that includes the World's First Touch-Free Piles and Fissure Spray, PiloSpray. PiloKit is a combination of the spray PiloSpray and tablets PiloTab and ConstiTab. When someone who is silently suffering from these conditions, searches for home remedies for Piles, or Ayurvedic medicines for Piles, PiloKit is the perfect solution for them. PiloKit offers a unique combination of medicines for the treatment of Piles and Fissure.

PiloKit is a clinically proven, and scientifically developed solution for the treatment of Piles and Fissure. It is developed in collaboration with Healing Hands Clinic, India’s leading Piles hospital chain. PiloKit has helped more than 5000 patients to lead a normal and worry-free life, after getting cured of their Piles or Fissure. It provides an innovative, and easy-to-use combination of three medicines for the treatment of Piles and Fissure.

PiloKit Complete Piles and Fissure Treatment Kit, as it is commonly referred to, is a combination of innovative and well-researched products PiloSpray, PiloTab, and ConstiTab. This combination has made the treatment of Piles and Fissure comfortable, like never before.

PiloKit – Say No to Piles Surgery with the Combination Treatment

PiloKit is a one-of-its-kind combination for Piles and Fissure, with clinically proven efficacy. PiloKit consists of three medicines: PiloSpray, a spray for the external treatment of Piles and Fissure, PiloTab, a tablet for the internal treatment of Piles and Fissure, and ConstiTab, a laxative tablet for Constipation.

PiloKit is recommended for patients with advanced grades of Piles, internal and external Piles, bleeding Piles, and patients with acute Anal fissures. PiloKit is also recommended for those patients who have been suffering from Piles and fissures for a long time.

Over 70% of the patients with Piles and Fissure, if treated with medicines in the early stages, do not require surgery. It has been found in several cases that timely treatment of Piles and Fissure with PiloKit, can minimize the need for surgery.

Treatment for Piles and Fissure
PiloKit can minimize the need for surgery.

PiloSpray – World's 1st Touch-free Spray Treatment for Piles

PiloSpray is the world’s first touch-free spray treatment for Piles and Anal-Fissure with fast action, which acts on the symptoms like pain, burning, itching, bleeding, and inflammation.

PiloSpray is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine developed for the treatment of Piles and Fissure. It has antihemorrhagic and hemostatic properties that take care of bleeding, and its anaesthetic and analgesic properties take care of pain, pricking, and burning. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which act on swelling in the anal region.! The Piles spray soothes the affected anal area and provides relief from itching and burning sensations. It also helps in wound healing in the anal region.

PiloSpray is a very handy and easy-to-use spray for haemorrhoid treatment and can be used anytime and anywhere when required. In short, it's a perfect on-the-go solution in today's time, for the treatment of Piles and Fissure.

The spray for Piles ensures a hassle-free external application in the difficult-to-reach anal area. It does not cause any physical discomfort while treating the affected area, unlike other Piles medicines, like Piles ointment and creams. The application of cream or ointment involves direct touch using a finger or applicator. Direct touch in such conditions can cause pain and injury or in the worst-case an infection in the anal area. One can avoid all that discomfort and can use PiloSpray to just spray and relax!

PiloSpray is the best Piles spray medicine. Its fast action helps in treating Piles and Fissure, by relieving you of the discomfort instantly, and helps you to take control of your daily routine. With just a spray, it ensures that there is no need for touching and treating, for the treatment of Piles and Fissure.

Now no more sitz bath or fear of sitting!
Just keep your hands away, use PiloSpray!

PiloTab – Highly Effective Tablet for Piles Treatment

PiloTab is a polyherbal ayurvedic tablet formulation for oral consumption for the treatment of Piles and Anal-Fissure. It has been used by over one lakh happy patients for the treatment of Piles and Fissure.

PiloTab has anti-inflammatory, antihemorrhagic, antiseptic, analgesic, astringent, and wound healing properties. It acts on the symptoms like pain, bleeding, and inflammation, and thereby reduces the swelling of the anal mucosa. PiloTab promotes internal healing of the affected area of the anal region, hence there is no need for using an applicator to reach the difficult-to-reach portions of the anal region, which would cause additional discomfort.

PiloTab acts best in combination with PiloSpray and ConstiTab, for the treatment of Piles and Fissure, as a part of the pilokit.


ConstiTab – Laxative Tablet for Constipation

ConstiTab is a polyherbal ayurvedic tablet formulation, for the treatment of Constipation commonly associated with Piles and Anal-Fissure. It has been used by several thousands of satisfied patients for the treatment of Constipation.

ConstiTab has anti-flatulent and purgative properties. It also aids in digestion and gases. It acts on Constipation by ensuring easy passage of the motion.

As a result, it promotes healing, by stopping the aggravation of the symptoms of Piles and Fissure caused due to passing hard and lumpy stool. It also acts on symptoms like straining during motion, and the feeling of incomplete evacuation, which in turn helps in alleviating the symptoms of Piles and Fissure.

ConstiTab acts best in combination with PiloSpray and PiloTab, for the treatment of Piles and Fissure, as a part of the PiloKit.

PiloKit – The Complete Piles and Fissure Treatment Kit

Offers a never-before combination treatment. This unique combination treatment with:
PiloSpray – a spray for Piles and Fissure,
PiloTab – a tablet for Piles and Fissure, and
ConstiTab – a laxative tablet, that promotes internal as well as external healing. This 100% safe and natural combination ensures a touch-free, no injury, no pain, and no infection, based treatment option for Piles and Fissure.


Now no need to fear, when PiloKit is here Contact us for any queries!

Spray Treatment for Piles and Fissure – A Boon in Disguise

Piles and Fissure are very difficult anorectal conditions to deal with for a patient suffering from them. Despite being more common than various other forms of medical conditions, many people are quite uncomfortable talking about it. So it becomes even more difficult when you have to treat it, all by yourself. What people don't understand, however, is keeping this condition to yourself, is not going to help you in the long run. Piles and Fissure are conditions that can last long if not treated on time, and they can relapse if not taken care of appropriately, with proper medication, especially in the early stages.

Because of embarrassment, hesitation, lack of awareness, and delay in treatment, these conditions often aggravate. There comes a time when you start avoiding the food of your choice for the fear of going through the regular bowel motions, you even fear sitting and following your regular daily routines. In such circumstances, how can you imagine touching the affected area, and treating it with conventional treatments like creams/ ointments/ gels using your finger or the applicator? It can cause injury, pain, and discomfort in the affected anal region. The other problems with creams/ ointments/ gels are difficulty in reaching and applying in the affected anal area, instant use is not possible because of the cumbersome application process, and it takes time to get absorbed and provide relief.

Let's get rid of the prejudices and look for innovative, easy-to-use, effective, and trustworthy treatment options. This is the opportune moment to introduce the latest innovation in the treatment of Piles and Fissure, the spray treatment.

Spray Treatment for Piles and Fissure

Piles and Fissure

Fast Action

PiloSpray has an easy-to-use spray application, along with an effective formulation, and it also gets absorbed faster in the anal region as compared to creams/ ointments/ gels. This is why PiloSpray provides instant relief in the symptoms of Piles and Fissure like pain, pricking, burning, itching, inflammation, and bleeding.


The spray application of PiloSpray makes it possible to reach the affected area which is difficult to reach in the anal region. As there is no direct touch involved in the process, it causes no physical discomfort.

Easy to use

Easy to Use

PiloSpray is extremely accessible and easy to use. It can be carried easily and could be used as and when required. It is a touch-free spray, so there won’t be any discomfort, injury, pain, or infection.


PiloSpray bottle is easy to carry. You can fit it in a pocket, or almost every sized bag and use it at your convenience, anytime and anywhere.

Piles and Fissure

External Healing

PiloSpray has many attributes and properties. It is an anesthetic spray for Piles, it heals the Hemorrhoids and Fissure externally, with its anti-inflammatory, anti-hemorrhagic, analgesic, antipruritic, antiseptic, and wound healing properties.

Highly Recommended by Doctors

Proctologists are the expert doctors in conditions related to anorectal disorders, like Piles and Fissure. Proctologists at Healing Hands Clinic have highly recommended the use of PiloSpray for the treatment of Piles and Fissure. When specialists are vouching for the efficacy of a product, it is certainly trustworthy.

Piles and Fissure Kit

FDA Approved

PiloSpray is the first spray formulation approved by the FDA in India for the treatment of Piles and Fissure. Every medicine has to go through various testing and is finally approved by the concerned authorities for its safety and efficacy.

Clinically Proven

PiloSpray is developed scientifically and the formulation is proven clinically by experts. The scientific study for clinical efficacy and safety of PiloSpray has been conducted in collaboration with India's foremost Cellular Science Institute. Multi-center clinical trials have been conducted at Healing Hands Clinic, and the results have been published in peer-reviewed clinical research journals.

Piles and Fissure

Safe and Natural

PiloSpray is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine that consists of natural ingredients. The Ayurvedic Piles spray medicine PiloSpray is specially formulated by using herbs such as Daruhaldi, Till Oil, Kokum Oil, Kapur, Mocharas, Lodhara, and Pudina, making it a safe and effective treatment for Piles and Fissure.


There is no need to hesitate if you have Piles and Fissure. It's a medical condition at the end of the day which requires proper care and treatment. Treat your Piles and Fissure problems using a revolutionary touch-free solution PiloSpray.


In your journey from Piles to Smiles, keep your hands away, and use PiloSpray!!!

Understanding the difference between Piles and Fissure, and it’s Treatment Options

Understanding the difference between Piles and Fissure is important since the number of diseases that humans face is growing as time and environmental factors change. While some health issues may relatively be new for some of us, diseases such as Fissure and Piles have been experienced by many for a long time now. Problems in the rectum area are not uncommon, and the diseases are also treatable when diagnosed early.

However, it is often seen that people tend to avoid discussing or addressing these issues, as they feel embarrassed. But it is important to note that acute rectal diseases if left undiagnosed and untreated may develop into severe forms, often requiring surgical intervention or even life-threatening diseases such as cancer. So, knowing these diseases and their treatment options can help you in seeking a timely intervention.

What are Piles and Fissure?

Piles, which are also medically called haemorrhoids, are diseases that result because of swollen or enlarged veins in the rectum and anal region. Piles can be both external and internal. The enlargement of veins can lead to the discharge of blood in the stool. Piles are one of the most common anorectal conditions and account for over 50% of the cases reported by Proctologists, expert surgeons who treat Piles, Fissure, and other anorectal conditions.

Understanding the Difference Between Piles and Fissures, there are four types of haemorrhoids. Grade 1 is devoid of any protrusion but may have symptoms like painless bleeding and itching, Grade 2 is when haemorrhoids mass protrudes but can return without manual intervention, Grade 3 is when intervention is needed to push in haemorrhoids, and finally, Grade 4 is the haemorrhoids is prominently felt outside and can't be pushed back.

Fissures, on the other hand, are a tear or cut in the anus that may extend towards the anal canal. Anal Fissures affect the anoderm, or specialized tissues, that surround the anal canal and anus. The ample amount of nerves present in anoderm causes Fissures a painful condition.

However, these conditions are common enough in both men and women to account for approximately 15 per cent of the visits to Proctologists. Fissures can be acute or chronic. An acute Fissure is always treated medically. But for a chronic Fissure, the first approach is medical management, but surgery is recommended if it doesn’t respond to the medical treatment.

Common Differences between Piles and FISSURE

While the nature of Fissures and Piles are quite similar, it is important to note here that there are differences between these two anal diseases.

  • Piles can result from sitting for long hours in the toilet, chronic constipation or diarrhoea, straining during a bowel motion, and pregnancy. The occurrence of Fissures is primarily due to the passing of large or hard stools, constipation, or straining during motion, which could result in a tear or cut in the anal skin.
  • Piles can be treated with medications in their early stage, while surgery could be required in the advanced stage of grades 3 and grade 4. Even acute Fissures can be treated medically but chronic Fissures that do not respond to medication require surgery.
  • Piles cause discomforts like itching and bleeding in the earlier stages, followed by bleeding, prolapse (a swollen mass that comes out of the anal region), and pain in the later stages. But Fissures are accompanied by acute pain right from its early stages and often bleeding is also observed.


The most common cause of Piles and anal Fissures is damage to the lining of the anal canal or anus. Constipation is often the primary cause of such damages. Constipation is a condition where you have difficulty with bowel movement due to hard stool, or you do not defecate as often as you should. This can be caused due to insufficient fibre intake in food or inadequate fluid consumption.

Besides constipation, there may be other reasons for Piles and Fissures. In some individuals, the anal sphincter muscle is unusually tight. As a result, these individuals are more susceptible to experiencing tearing of the anal canal.

Diarrhoea that persists for a prolonged period can also result in Fissures. An anal Fissure is commonly experienced by women during pregnancy. Childbirth sometimes causes the tearing of the anus lining.

The possibility of developing these diseases lies with people of no specific age group or sex. In fact, rectal bleeding seen in children and babies is most commonly caused by anal Fissures.

Symptoms of Piles and Fissures

The symptom of Piles that are commonly observed is a lump or swelling around the anus which causes discomfort. Frequent urge to pass stool also occurs, along with pain during motion. In the case of Fissures, you are likely to experience pain for long hours after defecating.

You may sometimes find blood in your stool, and may also experience an itchy and sore anus. In a more severe condition, you may feel anaemic due to excessive anal bleeding, and faecal incontinence.

Effects of Fissure and Piles

Both Fissure and Piles are reported as painful experiences for those suffering from these rectal diseases. While pain in Piles is not felt much, the pain associated with anal Fissures is extensive. You have a constant feeling of discomfort, in addition to the other effects that are associated with these diseases.

The similarity in symptoms of Piles and Fissures sometimes causes misdiagnosis. And when that happens, Fissures may take a chronic form, which further complicates the treatment process. Lack of proper diagnosis and timely treatment can aggravate the disease.

Ignoring the condition for a long often results in Piles and Fissures advancing to stages where medical management becomes difficult and surgery is the only option.

Medicines for Piles

Medical assistance is extremely important for treating Piles and Fissures. When in the very early stage, the disease is likely to heal without medicines. But if it doesn’t and you delay your medicines, the condition may worsen. Therefore, the earlier you start your medicines; the better will be the prognosis of the disease.

There are various options of medicines to choose from. You may opt for oral medications such as PiloTab to get rid of the pain and inflammation. Medicines for Piles may also involve laxatives such as ConstiTab for making defecation easier. This polyherbal laxative tablet can greatly reduce the symptoms of Piles and Fissures.

In addition to the oral medications, you can try PiloSpray, which is perhaps the most innovative way of treating Piles and Fissures. This touch-free ayurvedic spray can help in healing the affected area externally with no side effects. The antiseptic properties of this spray will ensure that you do not get any infection and can get quick relief from pain, burning, pricking, itching bleeding, swelling other symptoms. You can enjoy the benefits of the PiloSpray along with the tablet PiloTab and the laxative tablet ConstiTab by opting for the Piles treatment kit PiloKit.

Piles and Fissure Surgical Treatment

Surgery is advised in cases that show no response to other treatment methods. The surgical and other kinds of interventions used in Piles include Hemorrhoidectomy, banding, stapler surgery, and the most advanced laser surgery.

The surgical procedure used in treating Fissures involves Fissurectomy or Fissureotomy - which is lateral sphincterotomy.

Innovation in Surgical Treatment of Piles and Fissures

A relatively new treatment method is the use of laser surgery, or Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty, to address the severe form of Piles in late grade 3 and grade 4. This method reduces your haemorrhoidal mass with the application of laser energy. Fissure surgery is also now performed with the advanced laser device.

More information about the surgical treatment options for Piles and Fissure is available on the website of Healing Hands Clinic, India's foremost Piles Hospital chain.

Home Remedies for Piles and Fissure

As relapse of Piles and Fissures is common, you should focus on adopting measures that can prevent the occurrence of new Fissures while also healing the existing ones. A natural Piles treatment is possible with a couple of easy-to-follow techniques.

A diet that is rich in fibre is an ideal diet for Piles and is one of the best ways to address Fissure and Piles. Try to add as many vegetables and fruits to your daily diet as possible. Additionally, do not forget to consume ample water, around 8 to 12 glasses every day, as the fluids will facilitate your bowel movement.

In addition to a high-fibre diet, you can enhance your fibre intake with supplements such as natural husk, like Isabgol. These supplements make defecation easier by softening stools. The magical effects of exercise are not unknown. A daily exercise regime not only ensures fitness but also blesses your digestive system with improved performance. Your appetite gets better, and so does your bowel movement.

Delaying the passing of stools is an unhealthy habit that can cost you a lot of difficulty and pain during defecation. Therefore, you should develop a routine such that you do not need to put off this for a later time.


Piles and Fissures often heal with time, but they can be associated with a lot of pain and discomfort while it heals naturally without proper medical treatment. It is advisable to go for early treatment with a combination of medicines like a spray for external application and tablets for oral consumption.

PiloKit offers a combination treatment with PiloSpray, PiloTab, and ConstiTab, which has been found to be highly successful in the complete treatment of Piles and Fissure, especially when the treatment is started in the early stages. Changes in lifestyle such as dietary changes and regular exercise can aid in the healing process. But for advanced stages of Piles, especially late grades 3 and grade 4, chronic Fissure surgical procedures are the only treatment option.


Lifestyle Modifications to Manage Early Stages of Piles and Fissure

Piles, also known as Hemorrhoids, can be simply defined as follows

  • Piles are caused when veins in the anal region (rectum and anus) get inflamed
  • Internal Hemorrhoids occur within the rectum, and are comparatively painless but can still cause bleeding
  • External Hemorrhoids are swellings or lumps that can visibly be seen near the anal opening
  • Hemorrhoids can result in discomforts like itching, inflammation, burning sensation, pricking, pain, and bleeding to varying degrees

When you are in pain, only you can truly understand the value of relief.

Precautions for Piles are simple and beneficial and prevent the onset as well as a recurrence. In the early stages of piles, prevention is definitely superior to any cure that can be cured by changing your lifestyle to enjoy a Piles-free life. 

Lifestyle Alterations to Manage Piles and Fissures

Let's cut right to the chase. There are plenty of interesting, and effective,  natural remedies for Piles, the best among them is a conscious and active lifestyle change.

1. Fiber

Straining during bowel movements or a lack of proper bowel movements is often the root cause of Piles.

  • A diet rich in fibre, or at least meals that have adequate fibre content in them, go easy on your intestines and help smooth out your bowel movements
  • Fibre is a 'good roughage' that aids in smooth stool movement. In other words, less pressure on your colon and easy 'evacuation', so to speak

2. Liquids

Closely connected to the previous point, this one may seem like a no-brainer to some of you. But you will be surprised just how many people forget to drink enough water or liquids throughout the day.

  • From fruit juices and shakes to water, fluids make the passage of undigested as well as digested food smoother through the gastrointestinal tract
  • The hardness of stool and its passage through your system is directly influenced by your daily fluid intake

Good water intake can result in better bowel movements and overall health. Both of which directly impact the chances of developing Piles.

3. No Force Policy

You will often spend some time in the restroom. This brings us to the most important part of your Piles-management routine...

  • If you need to 'evacuate', it is wise to remember that forcing bowel movement is NOT a safe way to do it
  • You might assume, "the sooner this is over with, the better". However, the reality is quite different. You need to take it smooth and slow, not fast and rushed
  • The latter will only exacerbate your already prevalent Piles condition
  • This is a strong reason for Piles development, and this can be avoided
  • Avoid spending more than 15 minutes to ‘evacuate’. If this becomes a habit, it can increase the chance of developing Piles
  • Recommendation: sit for 2-3 minutes, and if it happens, keep going through the motion. If nothing, get up, wash up, and try again later
  • Similarly, it is smart NOT to prevent bowel movement, or 'hold it in. We are referring to moments when you are in a social setting and are thinking of rushing back home to use your own washroom
  • It is better to use the nearest available restroom instead of waiting, which only adds further strain on your colon and rectum, in turn worsening your Piles

It mostly helps if you have a 'moment' or 'schedule' every day for your bowel movements. Your body will automatically be ready to follow the routine at that time, and wait until the next day to repeat it. This will require added lifestyle modifications on your part but is definitely worth the effort.

4. Clothes

Maintaining hygiene is very important when you are suffering from Piles or Fissure. Good clean underwear is the need of the hour, especially for those with Piles or Fissure. You are, after all, also fighting secondary infections that can and will make your Piles or Fissure situation worse.

  • Cotton fabrics with a loose fit prevent discomfort and help in the healing process
  • As a result, especially in the early stages of piles will be under less stress, when they are most susceptible to improving or deteriorating.
  • Recommendation: breathable cotton fabrics are the best

5. Things to Keep in Mind

If you happen to suffer from the early stages of Piles, you may need to think of what you add to your shopping cart.

  • Perfumed toilet papers are a definite no-no. The same applies to commercial baby wipes, while these may make YOU feel good, they do no favours for your Hemorrhoids
  • It is better to wash your Piles with good soap and keep the area clean, but it is even better to rely on the trusted and proven Ayurvedic medicines for Piles, specifically the ones that are innovative and remarkably easy to use, like the newly introduced spray, PiloSpray, and the combination treatment for Piles and Fissure, PiloKit
  • If you are in the habit of taking aspirin, quit right now. Aspirin thins the blood, making blood move around your system that much quicker. You may experience fewer headaches, but your Piles bleeding is sure to get out of control. Only the exception to this premise is the patients who are on prescribed blood thinners

When researching which food to avoid for Piles, we came across a bunch of interesting ideas. We wish to dedicate a sub-head exclusively for this…

6. Foods to Avoid for Piles

Note these down somewhere. Magnet-tack them to your refrigerator if you have to:

  • Say bye-bye to alcohol. At least until you heal up completely from Hemorrhoids or Fissure. Once you are done screaming, "Why, God, why me!?" here's a piece of information, alcohol produces small dry stool, which is not great for Piles or Fissure
  • Also, avoid highly refined foods in your diet. This means you are going to keep the following OUT of your grocery basket: pastries, white rice, white bread, cakes, baked goods in general
  • Keep these foods off your plate: all-purpose flour, animal protein, and foods low in fibre content. These are too slow to digest and make the Piles or Fissure healing process harder

In Conclusion

It's important to remember that prevention is always preferable to cure in the early stages of Piles or Fissure. One of our advice points, namely foods to avoid, might seem too strict to some, making them wonder, "What am I gonna eat now or if I get to eat anything at all?"

There are plenty of alternatives: fruits, whole grains (cereals, bread), vegetables, nuts and seeds, beans, a small portion of rice, flax seeds (Omega 3), and pulses. This is but the tip of the health iceberg for you. For someone suffering from Piles or Fissure-related symptoms and/or conditions, you need to take the extra step and go the extra mile to save yourself a world of trouble.

In the early stages of Piles or Fissures, if you remain casual, it can prove enormously painful. Prevent! This has been the core message shared so far, namely that you change your lifestyle habits in order to make it easier for medications (including and especially Ayurveda) to work on your Piles.

Freedom and peace of mind are invaluable. Working consistently to prevent this grim chapter of your life, which could be full of struggles with Hemorrhoids or Fissure, is always a smart step in the right direction.

But, for those of you, who have begun this episode of pain and discomfort, we are your expert help in your journey from Piles to Smiles!!!

What are Piles and Anal-Fissure?

Are you facing or experiencing hemorrhoids or Piles? Are you feeling embarrassed to talk about it? Do you want to know all about Piles and Anal-Fissure?

There is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed of any of these conditions that you are facing. Indeed, these are quite uncomfortable and painful conditions to live with. A person who is suffering from such a condition would definitely like to know more about it but often hesitates to discuss it. Let's talk about this delicate topic of Piles and Anal-Fissure, for those who find it difficult to speak up and discuss.

Piles are referred to as Hemorrhoids in medical terminology. It’s commonly known as Bawasir or Bwaseer in Hindi, Arsha in Sanskrit, Mulvyadh in Marathi, Haras Masa in Gujarati, Bavasir in Punjabi, Arsha Roga in Bengali, Odia, and Assamese, Moolakkuru in Malayalam, Moolam in Tamil, Molalu in Telgu, and Mulavyadhi in Kannada. These vernacular terms for Piles in the various Indian languages, clearly show how prevalent this anorectal disease is across the length and breadth of our country.

Piles are one of the most common anorectal conditions, encountered by doctors. The prevalence of Piles is around 5% in any given population. Studies show that there is a 50% chance of developing the symptoms of Piles once in a lifetime. Piles are more common among adults aged 45 years to 65 years. However, there are several cases reported, where a person of younger age has been diagnosed with Piles or Fissure.

Fissure is also quite prevalent with over 1% of the given population suffering from it. There are several reasons which can lead a person into developing one of these conditions. Many times, chronic constipation often leads to Piles, and also fissures.

1. Understanding Piles and Fissures

Piles or hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the lower part of the anal canal (rectum and anus), which are usually painless during the early stages.

A Fissure is a small tear or a cut in the skin of the anal region. It causes severe pain and, at times, even bleeding when a person passes stools.


People experiencing Piles and Anal-Fissure are often unaware of the reasons. There are many reasons which can cause these conditions like a strenuous bowel movement, spasms, trauma, and so on. The following are some of the specific reasons for the cause of Piles and Anal- Fissure

  • Straining during bowel movements
  • Having chronic constipation
  • Inadequate intake of water on a regular basis
  • Eating a low-fibre diet
  • Pregnancy can put pressure on the perineum
  • Sitting for long periods of time in the toilet
  • Regular heavy weight lifting
  • Obesity

3. Symptoms of Piles and FISSURE

An individual who is experiencing the conditions like Fissures and Piles may show the following symptoms.

  • The area around the anus could be red, sore, and itchy
  • The passing of bright red blood during a bowel movement
  • A searing, sharp, and burning pain during the passing of stool happens in or around the anus
  • Spasms develop in the muscles around the anus during the passing of faces
  • A hard and painful lump develops around the anus, which contains coagulated blood. Such Piles are known as thrombosed external hemorrhoids

4. Stages of Piles

Piles can be divided into two categories, namely internal Piles, and external Piles. Internal Piles develop inside the anal canal, but they may come out or prolapse and hang outside the anus in the advanced stages.

An individual with Piles or Fissure has to understand the four Piles stages or grades.

Grade One - They are small and non-perceptible inflammations inside the lining of the anus with bleeding after passing stool and some itching in the anal region.

Grade Two - Here, the Piles are slightly larger than the stage one Piles but are still inside the anus. They are often pushed out while passing stools but return to their normal position after the passing of stool.

Grade Three - Prolapsed hemorrhoids or stage three Piles appear outside the anus and can be felt hanging from the rectum, but can be pushed with the help of fingers easily.

Grade Four - Prolapsed or the hanging Piles do not go back and require treatment as they are large and continuously remain outside the anus. They cannot be pushed back even with the help of the fingers.

One must remember that external Piles form small lumps on the outside edges of the anus and become very painful. The itchy blood clots develop and can block the flow of blood. Thrombosed external Piles that have clots require immediate medical treatment.

5. Acute and Chronic Anal-Fissure

Anal Fissure is a cut or a tear near the anal opening, and it is very painful as it takes a lot of time to heal, due to regular bowel movements. It does not differentiate between men and women and can happen to anybody at any age.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to identify if a person has an anal fissure, as in some cases there could be a small lump of the skin or a skin tag, near the anal opening. Generally, this happens in the case of chronic Fissures.

It is easy to treat acute Fissure, where a patient is suffering for less than 6 weeks, with medicines. For the treatment of chronic Fissure, where the patient is suffering for more than 6 weeks, medication could be advised first, but surgery could also be advised depending on the severity of the condition.

6. Diagnosis for Piles and Anal-Fissure

For diagnosing Piles or Fissures, the doctor usually carries out a physical examination of the anal region of the person. They also ask specific bowel-related questions. A doctor may also perform Digital Rectal Examination (DRE) or use a Proctoscope for examining the anal canal. The doctors may take a small tissue sample from inside the rectum or advise a Colonoscopy if there is a doubt of Colorectal Cancer or any other underlying condition.

A self-diagnosing patient questionnaire – Pilennaire for Piles and Fissure is developed by Healing Hands & Herbs in collaboration with the doctors at Healing Hands Clinic. It can be used by patients, for an early diagnosis and timely treatment of these conditions.


Piles or Fissures can be painful, discomforting, and even embarrassing for a person experiencing them. However, Piles usually do not pose a threat to life and can be medically treated, or even self-managed with over-the-counter medications, in the early stages.

For the late third and fourth stages of Piles and chronic Fissures, often, surgery is the final treatment advised by expert Proctologists – surgeons and doctors who treat anorectal conditions like Piles and Anal-Fissure. Modern surgical procedures like Laser surgery for Piles and Fissures are usually outpatient procedures with a minimum period of recovery.

Prevention is always better than cure. A person should do everything to avoid developing Piles or Fissures, which entails making necessary changes to the routine diet and lifestyle. May it be a natural remedy, home remedy, Ayurveda, or over-the-counter medicines, they should be used for the treatment as soon as possible. Lethargy on the part of the patient may lead to complications, causing discomfort, and prolong the time to recovery.

The newly introduced revolutionary spray for Piles and Fissures, PiloSpray is now readily available, making the treatment of Piles and fissures, easily manageable, and hands-free.

The innovative complete Piles treatment kit, PiloKit with a one-of-its-kind combination of a spray PiloSpray, a Piles tablet PiloTab, and a laxative tablet ConstiTab offer a complete treatment protocol for medical management of Piles and Fissure.

These innovative solutions have made this difficult journey of recovery from Piles to Smiles quite fast, easy, and comforting for the patients.

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